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Why do you need an Oregon motorcycle accident attorney?


Motorcycle accidents too often result in serious injury and wrongful death.


Motorcycle accident cases are especially difficult because of common negative social bias and beliefs that motorcycle riders in general are ‘risk takers.’ Insurance companies may try to use this tactic in order to pressure you to settle for less than fair compensation.


According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, “Per vehicle mile traveled in 2004, motorcyclists were about 34 times more likely to die, and 8 times more likely to be injured in a motor vehicle crash than were passenger car occupants.”


Too common of a tactic used against the motorcyclist by insurance companies is misusing the fact that motorcycle riders get seriously injured at statistically more frequent rates than car drivers, to imply that motorcycle riders themselves are risk takers for nothing more than the fact that they ride a motorcycle.


The fact is motorcycle crash studies support that motorcycle riders are most often the victims in multi-vehicle crashes, not the risk takers. The most common occurrence is that a car will impede the motorcycle's right of way; most often in intersections the car will just turn left in front of the oncoming motorcycle. Car and truck drivers just have a hard time seeing motorcycles whether it is because they are tired, distracted, driving under the influence, or unaware of how to spot motorcycles on the road.


Motorcycle crash studies also reveal that motorcyclists involved in accidents have a median pre-crash speed under 30 mph and a crash speed of only 21.5 mph. These do not seem like high risk speeds and actually are rather conservative speeds for most close-in city driving where the preponderance of accidents occur.


An at fault car driver will commonly say they just didn’t see the motorcycle or they didn’t see the motorcycle until it was too late. Because of this fact, the car or truck has usually not even slowed down before the collision with the motorcyclist and motorcycle gets the full force of the impact. Motorcycle crash studies indicate that a motorcyclist has less then two seconds to perform all accident avoidance maneuvers.


An experienced Oregon motorcycle accident lawyer will know how to negotiate with the insurance companies and work with medical experts so that the injured can maximize the insurance settlement.


If you’ve been injured in an Oregon motorcycle accident, you need an experienced Oregon trial lawyer to fight for you. I know how insurance companies work and I know the law. I will work hard to present your case to ensure you get the maximum compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries.