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Oregon Personal Injury Lawyer


Injury Lawyer FAQs


Q: The insurance company is saying my case is not worth much because I only treated with a chiropractor. Is this true?


A: Not in my experience. Chiropractic treatment is widely accepted as helpful and necessary treatment for soft tissue injuries. I have handled hundreds, if not thousands, of cases involving chiropractic care and have achieved very good results for my clients.


Q: The insurance company is saying that my injury case is not worth much because there are no objective signs of injury. Is this true?


A: Not in my experience. It is harder to prove your personal injury case without objective signs of injury, but that is what you hire me for. I will work with your doctors and get their conclusions on why you are still in pain. I have had many six figure verdicts and settlements in Oregon personal injury cases where there was little or no objective signs of injury.


Q: How do I pay my medical bills?


A: I will discuss the payment of your medical bills in detail with you when you contact me for a free initial consultation. One of the following methods for payment may be available:


• Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance coverage from your own automobile policy if you were in your automobile, on a bike or a pedestrian and involved in an automobile collision.


• Workers' compensation insurance if your injury occurred while you were working on the job and the injury occurred as a result of your employment.


• Your own health insurance.


• Your own personal funds if you were not insured and are able to pay medical bills as they are incurred.


• The liability insurance coverage for the person who caused your injuries. Such liability insurance coverage will most likely be paid at the time of settlement rather than during the period you incur the bills.


Q: How will my lawyer be paid? What is a contingent fee agreement?


A: In almost all personal injury cases, your attorney will be paid a percentage of the final settlement or judgment resulting from your injury. The percentage will be discussed with you and will be the subject of what is called a contingent fee agreement. The law requires for your protection and that of you lawyer a written contract, which specifies the fee so there will be no misunderstanding about how much your case will cost. The agreement will provide that your lawyer will work diligently on your case in exchange for the percentage in the agreement. If there is no recovery, you owe no attorney fees.


Q: What other costs will there be in addition to the attorney fees?


A: The fee for your attorney is based upon the lawyer's work, time, effort and expertise. In addition, your attorney may advance costs specific to your case. Your attorney will make decisions necessary to obtain the reports, opinions or records needed to present your case. I do not ask you to reimburse me for costs until the case is over. In most small personal injury cases, these costs are not very much.


Examples of these advanced costs include:


• Fees that doctors and hospitals charge for medical reports.


• Costs of photographs. Photograph and other visual documentation (such as videotape) are extremely important in personal injury cases. If your attorney incurs expenses in having visual materials obtained or prepared, you may be responsible for such costs.


• Reports of experts. Reports from experts other than physicians may be required in your case and, if so, you will have to pay the cost that such experts charge for their reports.


• Litigation costs. If your case has to proceed to suit or litigation, there will be costs incurred as a result of the filing of such a lawsuit.


Q: What does Robert Wolf offer that the other Oregon personal injury lawyers do not?


A: I do not waste my client's time nor money and I maximize their claim settlements.


I have solid, longstanding trial experience. The experience that I have allows me to pursue cases with a holistic understanding of your needs.


Most personal injury lawyers do not have my civil trial experience and history of results but say that they do.


In fact 95% of lawyers do not take cases to trial. Yet, it takes the threat of a known trial attorney to maximize your settlement offer.