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Oregon Personal Injury Lawyer





Oregon Personal Injury Lawyer



How Much Is Your Case Worth?



It is impossible to predict the value of a case until all of the information has been collected and you are medically stationary.



Many factors determine the value of a case:


• The amount of your medical bills.


• How the medical bills were incurred and whether they are from diagnostic tests, treatments, physical therapy, hospital stays, prescriptions, over the counter medication, chiropractic care, or other care or treatment.


• How much income and other employment benefits were lost as a result of your injury. This would include lost pay, sick leave used, vacation time used, loss of insurance benefits and other documented losses resulting from your injury.


• The extent of the injury and how it has affected your daily life. This would include limitations of household activities, sports, leisure activities and social life.


• Whether or not any aspect of your injuries is permanent. This would also include permanent disfigurement such as scars or blemishes.


• Whether any of your injuries required hospitalization.


• The extent of liability on the part of the potential defendant.


• Whether there is any evidence that you were partly at fault in causing your injuries. •How the law applies to your case.


• The quality of your witnesses, including those who will testify about the incident, your injuries and your medical treatment.


• Pain, suffering, inconvenience and the impact on married life.


• The particular insurance company that is involved.


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